Important Regatta Information

This year J/Fest Southwest is using Yacht Scoring to manage registration, online purchases, crew waivers and scoring. A few things you need to know. You will establish an email address (username) and password and all your data will be kept in the Yacht Scoring database so you only need to enter once for all future regattas in their system. The layout is quite different and there are many fields, but not too many more than before. The skipper is responsible for entering boat info, handicap rating, crew names, and emails. It is a little more work the first time you register, but it will pay off at the event as your registration will be complete and provide you with more time to socialize!

Launching and Parking

Lakewood Yacht Club Facility Map


Boat Storage

Contact Lakewood Yacht Club about storing your J/Boat between regattas, visit the Harbor Master Page

Lunches & Dinners

The 2023 J/Fest Southwest Regatta team is offering lunches, dinners, and the opportunity to watch from a spectator boat. View all your options by selecting Event Purchases.

Emergency Safety Plan